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RealEyes Video Security Systems

Many businesses just like yours are using their Sentry Surveillance, RealEyes system to improve customer service, increase employee productivity, and even significantly reduce theft of all kinds. Our new digital security camera system with off-site management capabilities allows you to monitor your business from your home, laptop, and even your cell phone from anywhere in the world.

At Sentry Surveillance we strive to make your RealEyes digital video system as simple as possible. We've spent countless hours designing the system to be user-friendly and full featured. We custom design a system to fit your unique needs. We provide factory trained technicians to install your new system and a five year fix or repair warranty. We offer affordable financing with low monthly payments to help conserve working capital and protect you from obsolescence. Simply fill out our request a quote form or call us at 800-228-8909 to schedule your no cost, no obligation demonstration today!

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Employee Management
Verify Alarms
  • Employee Productivity and Management, Control Shrinkage

    Employee Management

    Effective management of employees is the key to any successful business. A Sentry Surveillance RealEyes Digital Video Security System is a great tool to help you manage your workforce. With it you can train your employees, ensure they are doing the tasks you've given them the way you want it done, or even make sure they are working on those tasks even when you're not on-site! Add audio to your system and easily confirm your customers are being treated right. Let your employees know that you watch your cameras and you will be surprised just how much more efficient your workforce becomes. Employees work harder when they know they are being watched!
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  • Bulls-Eye protection


    Business owners have a bull's-eye painted on their chest. From fake slip and falls by customers to employee injuries, protect yourself from fraudulent claims with a Sentry Surveillance RealEyes Digital Video Security System. With one of our state-of-the-art surveillance systems, your premises will be protected with an objective account of the events that took place.

    Watch this video from ABCNews to learn about individuals attempting to make fraudulent claims against business owners for "slip and falls" - had these businesses not had cameras, they would not have the proof they needed to handle these claims!

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  • Vandalism is bad for business


    Vandalism is on the rise all across the country! "Patrons of buildings, parks, or public facilities where graffiti vandalism has occurred may feel that if graffiti is tolerated, then other more serious crimes, such as theft and assault, may also go unchallenged". Destruction of property is only prevented when the risk of being caught is present.

    The costs associated with graffiti and property destruction is more than just a can of paint and some plywood. Your customers will feel less safe if vandalism is tolerated. Protect yourself, your employees and your customers with a Sentry Surveillance RealEyes Digital Security System.

  • Alarm Verification

    Verify Alarms

    Alarms are not 100% accurate and they do trigger false alarms. Typically when alarm is trigger the monitoring company will contact you and ask if you would like the police to be dispatched. If you do not answer the phone they send it to police as an unverified alarm. This type of alarm is very low priority for police. In several cities such as Baltimore, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City the police will not respond to an alarm that was not verified by a person or a video camera. With a RealEyes CCTV Surveillance Camera System you are able to log into your cameras and see what is happening as it happens.

    This a great tool for directing police to where the culprit may be in your facility or letting the dispatcher know that it was merely a false alarm and not to worry about it.
  • Theft has many forms


    Theft is the leading cause of loss for most companies in the US. Theft comes in all shapes, sizes and severity. Armed Robbery, Burglary, Shoplifting, Vendor theft, Employee theft, Etc. The National Retail Federation reports that 60% of inventory losses are caused by employees and that U.S. retailers and small businesses lost $33 billion in revenue in 2009 due to theft. The US Chamber of commerce states that 30% of corporate bankruptcies are a result of employee theft. The FBI has called employee theft the "fastest-growing crime in America".

    Your customers, employees, equipment, products, fleets, and inventory are too valuable. Protect your future with a high Quality Surveillance Solution from Sentry Surveillance.