When operating a childcare facility like a daycare, Sentry Surveillance Inc fully understands the importance of ensuring the safety of children and staff. To meet that goal, Sentry Surveillance Inc provides high-quality, custom-designed surveillance systems to daycare facilities in both the United States and Canada. In a business that involves the care of others, a custom-designed surveillance system can do more than just keep an eye on all activity happening on and around the premises.

A custom-designed surveillance system from Sentry can provide rock-solid documentation of all activities involving child safety and employee accountability. Footage from CCTV cameras allows upper managers to review incidents involving staff and assist with decisions on an appropriate course of action. CCTV camera footage also works as evidence against any accusations brought against childcare facilities.

Prior to installing a custom-designed surveillance system, our specialists at Sentry Surveillance Inc offer free consultations to daycare owners, directors and managers. Our consultations help them assess their security needs and develop a strategy that will provide maximum protection to the facility, staff, and clients. Additionally, our specialists and technicians provide high-quality maintenance to ensure all systems are fully functional and reliable.

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