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Sentry Surveillance Inc began with company founders Steve Dimitrious and Joseph Lowe, who both have over 50 years of experience in the security services industry. Both Dimitrious and Lowe used their business experience and knowledge to build a team of security experts and professionals to service businesses in both the United States and Canada. Since the initial launch, Sentry Surveillance Inc has been providing custom-designed surveillance systems to commercial industries for over 25 years. In that timeframe, Sentry Surveillance Inc has serviced schools, daycares, doctors’ offices, veterinary clinics, dentists, restaurants, industrial manufacturers, and more.

All custom-designed surveillance systems provided by Sentry Surveillance Inc are installed by highly knowledgeable, industry-trained technicians who value connection and real-time communication. None of Sentry’s services is ever outsourced with all of our employees being based in the United States. Services provided include security, surveillance, business protection, security consultation, installation, monitoring options, maintenance and help desk support.

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