Whatever the scope of your business, if you’re like most industry leaders, you can agree that employee safety is the primary priority. Why settle for a non-reliable surveillance system when it comes to protecting your employees while reducing company liability?

Servicing the United States and Canada, Sentry Surveillance offers employers an opportunity to stop crime, improve employee productivity and efficiencies all while eliminating materials and product losses. Our custom designed surveillance systems are created to ready you for the distinctive demands of your line of work, with a solid backing of customer support to see you through any challenges or answer any questions.

Prioritize Employee Safety

In addition to crime prevention and evidence procurement, Sentry Surveillance can make your workplace the safest it can be for your employees. Keep an eye out for improper workplace conduct or safety breaches that may put your team at risk. Allow us to collect video evidence of workplace events to provide you with the intelligence necessary to keep your company operating safely, efficiently, and within legal compliance.

Asset Management

What if you could account for employee safety while also protecting company property, including intellectual property? With Sentry Surveillance, manufacturers can ensure their products are crafted safely and correctly while keeping tight security on their assets and ideas. This offers industry leaders a guaranteed standard of safety and excellence in the workplace that helps keep them competitive. Ensure your product and your employees are all working according to plan with safety at the forefront!

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