Installing a Sentry Surveillance RealEyes system in your business will increase security, deter theft, and improve employee accountability and productivity. Sentry’s custom-designed surveillance systems play an important role in workplace safety. They help you monitor conditions and identify any potential workplace hazards or behaviors that could lead to injuries on the job. Whether you are monitoring a warehouse or a busy corporate office, Sentry Surveillance’s custom-designed systems will play a big role in the outcome.

Businesses that wish to install a surveillance system should first make sure it is custom designed for their unique business and needs. Next, they should make sure that it is professionally installed. Most importantly, they need to be guaranteed timely service and support when needed after installation. Sentry Surveillance provides an industry-leading 60-Month warranty giving you absolute peace of mind after your installation.

Reasons to Install a Sentry Surveillance RealEyes Camera System at your Business

Keep your honest employees honest

Prevent and deter crime

Prevent workplace violence

Prevent theft and vandalism.

Reduce insurance rates and cost.

Secure sensitive areas and areas of operations.

Encourage employees and customers to be on their best behavior

Monitor and increase employee productivity and efficiency.

Prevent Safety Issues

Keep profit earning capital in your business

We are ready to help you
with all your surveillance needs.