Are you in the business of transporting goods or services from one location to another? Whether you work in a warehouse, freight forwarding, transportation, or logistics company, Sentry Surveillance can add another tool to your belt when it comes to managing product and employee safety. We understand that keeping your company flowing without incident is vital to remaining competitive; allow us to offer you that edge!

Real-Time Video Monitoring and Support

Selecting a trustworthy surveillance service is an enormous component of the logistics and transportation industries. Deter and stop crime before it begins, identify threats, and log video evidence should any criminal activity occur.

Don’t allow yourself to become vulnerable to security threats on the job. From employee safety to the security of your cargo and vehicles, Sentry Surveillance will keep your business running with real-time customer support to assess threats, offer next steps, and troubleshoot. From installation through the span of the 5-year warranty, Sentry Surveillance’s custom-designed surveillance systems offer business owners small and large the confidence to carry out their job legally and safely. Is your business, employees, freight, cargo, equipment, and trucks properly protected?

We are ready to help you
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