The #1 thing on the minds of many restaurant owners is being able to provide their customers with exceptional food, outstanding service, and a fun, welcoming environment. Nothing could kill that experience worse than an unforeseen event. Fortunately for all who work in the food industry in the United States and Canada, Sentry Surveillance Inc provides custom-designed surveillance systems to restaurants, diners, and bars.

Sentry Surveillance’s custom-designed systems help restaurant, diner, and bar owners provide high-quality service to guests by monitoring activity within and around the premises so that managers and staff can do their jobs. Our systems also stop costly drink and food give-aways while dramatically reducing drink and food costs.

Our custom-designed surveillance systems are also an effective way of tracking and managing staff to develop better employee training programs. In the event that harassment and other forms of misconduct take place, or a restaurant is subjected to customer complaints or accusations, our custom-designed surveillance systems provide the best protection for restaurant owners in the form of footage evidence. This footage can be used to both support employees and dispute claims or to support customers and better train your staff.

Sentry Surveillance Inc can help professionals in the food industry protect their businesses by offering high-quality, custom-designed surveillance systems. Give us a call today to find out how Sentry Surveillance Inc can service your business needs!

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