At Sentry Surveillance, we believe your assets are worth protecting. Whether you run a small independently owned business, a commercial one or you manage a fortune 500 business our live self-monitoring technology can help prevent theft, vandalism, illegal dumping, and more. With effective, scalable tools designed to your specific needs. Sentry Surveillance offers a 5-year warranty with full customer support, so clients are better able to manage their investment. Allow us to assist you, from getting a quote to post-installation service!

No matter how many cameras you require (1 to 500+) to protect your business, we will design the perfect system for you. Experience the peace of mind that comes with Sentry Surveillance!

Rental Properties

By installing a Sentry Surveillance custom designed, non-invasive surveillance system to monitor their rental property, managers can stop, prevent and deter vandalism while improving their tenant’s safety. This offers increased security for you and your tenants’ benefit while offering the property manager an added layer of protection should legal recourse be required.

What tenant would actually consider renting an apartment that does not have a reliable and robust surveillance system? Honestly answer this question for yourself.

We are ready to help you
with all your surveillance needs.