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One source of anxiety for a lot of parents (especially new parents) is leaving their children in the care of other people – even at daycare centers – and it’s not hard to see why. Depending on the experience of a potential caretaker, the patience that caretaker has for working with children, and whether or not that caretaker even likes children, there’s a lot that can go wrong. Among the top concerns, parents have for leaving their children in the care of another person are abuse and other forms of maltreatment that could compromise the child’s safety. This is one area where having security cameras can help put parents’ minds at ease and even protect daycares from potential lawsuits.

What Security Cameras Can Do for Parents and Daycares

Apart from providing a sense of safety, security cameras are instrumental in exposing abuse, neglect, and other harmful adult behaviors. Not only do security cameras provide rock-solid evidence of the individuals involved, but can also be used as evidence for holding those individuals accountable for their actions. Security cameras also help the owners and managers of daycare centers to take preventive measures with current and future employees, as well as develop better employee training programs to ensure better childcare practices. Security cameras also help monitor employee performance to ensure they are performing all tasks as required and aren’t being negligible in their responsibilities. In the event that a lawsuit, security cameras also provide the best evidence for refuting claims.

Another way security cameras ensure the safety of staff and children, is that they capture any potential intruders lurking about the premises. With many sexual predators and human traffickers out there, there is no shortage of ways these types of individuals lure children away from the safety of their adult caretakers, including their own parents. Not only can security cameras help prevent child abductions from taking place at daycare centers, but security camera footage is invaluable during child abduction investigations as they help identify perpetrators. Security cameras also help identify potential security breaches and further secure those vulnerable areas.

In addition to safeguarding children against harmful adults, security cameras add an extra layer of safety to children themselves while on daycare grounds. As curious explorers, children are naturally inclined to explore their surroundings and take an interest in various objects that capture their fancy. This can lead children to access rooms and other parts of a building that are safety hazards for them, as well as get ahold of objects that can cause serious injury. In the event that a child is injured on daycare grounds, security cameras help piece together the chain of events leading to injury, as well as hold any negligible adults accountable for failing to prevent the injury. If there was no negligence on the part of daycare employees and the injury was entirely accidental, security camera footage will be instrumental in protecting the daycare center in legal proceedings.

How Daycares Can Choose the Best Security Cameras

With everything that’s at stake with regards to child safety, it makes sense for daycare centers to have security cameras that afford maximum security. So what are some things to look into for choosing the best cameras?

One thing to take into account is high picture quality to ensure maximum clarity. As such, it is highly recommended that daycares install security cameras that record in high-definition (HD) resolution of at least 1080p, preferably higher. Another thing to consider is security cameras with audio capabilities to provide a complete account of incidents that take place and maximize footage as valuable evidence in the event of a lawsuit. In addition to capturing images of potential abuse or neglect, security cameras with audio capabilities can also capture what’s being said, if any adults are being verbally abusive in any capacity, or if any children are in distress.

Related to having security cameras that can record audio and HD footage is remote viewing. Not only can remote viewing help daycare staff monitor activity around the premises better, but it can also help put parents at ease about their child’s safety. By giving restricted access to remote viewing, parents and approved family members can even check in with their children from their workplaces to ensure that everything is alright and that their child isn’t in any danger of being harmed in some way.

In addition to installing highly efficient security cameras, one last thing to consider is the installation of access control devices such as automatic door locks and alarm systems to better secure the building. Both are excellent safeguards against security breaches as automatic door locks control who can access the building and alarms can identify any potential intruders trying to break in. The presence of access control devices in addition to security cameras offers an extra layer of protection for children and staff as it helps keep children inside areas designated for their use and keeps unauthorized individuals out.

Sentry Surveillance Inc provides custom-design security cameras to daycare centers and other facilities that are part of the childcare industry. To learn more about how Sentry Surveillance Inc can service your business, contact us today for a consultation.

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