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Daycare Surveillance Cameras: Top 5 Reasons to Install Them

Did you know that by simply installing a security camera at your place of business, you are likely to deter crime by over 50%? If you’ve been thinking about installing some daycare surveillance cameras but have yet to pull the trigger, this article is for you!

In this post, we will explore the top 5 reasons why you need to install daycare surveillance cameras to protect your business, your employees, and the kids within your care.

1. Deter external criminal activity

First and foremost, you can’t run a successful business if you are constantly worried about theft, vandalism, dumping, or other illicit activity going down on your property. Installing daycare surveillance cameras will not only protect the children you care for, it will also protect your employees, company property, and even intellectual property as well. Adding security cameras adds value to your business—why should a mother leave her child with you versus at the sitter down the road? This extra layer of security is not only good for peace of mind, it’s good for business!

2. Prevent caregiver/parent conflict

We get it: miscommunications happen—and nothing can be as sensitive a topic as how another adult interacts with your kid. Capturing daily enrichment activities at your daycare can help put parents at ease should they want to see exactly what happens when they leave little Johnny in your care. Inviting a parent to watch footage of their child learning is a great way to build trust while showing them why you love the work you do.

3. Stop child abuse

Not everyone is cut out to be a caregiver; some people are actually downright abusive. With video evidence of how your employees interact with kids, you can conclusively stop abuse in its tracks and keep the children you’re looking after happy, healthy, and growing. For added benefit, consider whether or not you’d like your cameras to pick up audio so you can hear how interactions naturally unfold!

4. Automate emergency response

Are you prepared for fires, earthquakes, or other natural or man-made disasters? Do you care for children with significant health risks like seizures? Installing daycare surveillance cameras is one huge step you can take as a business owner to ensure first responders are notified as soon as possible should catastrophe strike.

Interested in using digital IP cameras for your surveillance system? Why not take it one step further and implement instant alerts for criminal activity, natural disaster, or other unpredictable events?

5. Understand behavior patterns

If you’ve ever been a parent, you know you would go to the ends of the earth to better understand your kid in order to get them what they need to succeed. Would you go the extra mile for the parents you work with in looking for next steps for growth for their child? Internal security cameras in your daycare will not only alert you to bullying or misconduct happening between children, but they will also help you better understand and nurture positive behaviors in your charges as well.

Looking for Professional Daycare Surveillance Cameras?

Aside from contributing significant security benefits, there are other reasons you might opt for daycare surveillance cameras—nurturing childhood development, avoiding parental misunderstandings, and keeping employee interactions positive are all primary examples of the kinds of success good surveillance can bring.

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