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Whether you run a massive business or a small one you will need to make sure that you have the best surveillance system for your company. You want to make sure that you, clients, and staff are always extra protected for any reason. Unforeseen occurrences happen within a company and knowing that you are under the watchful of Sentry Surveillance can give you peace of mind. In this article we will discuss a few of your choices and things to consider when deciding the type of surveillance, it is that you will be needing. Everyone has different goals and purposes for their surveillance systems, and it is best to be as knowledgeable as you can be when looking into purchasing a system.

Outdoor Cameras

Are you considering the outdoor regions you should monitor when constructing a video surveillance system? If your business has a parking lot, borders an alley, or offers outside seating, it’s critical to secure those areas as well as the interior spaces. However, you don’t want to do that with a standard indoor surveillance camera. Outdoor surveillance cameras must withstand a variety of situations that an indoor camera is not exposed to. This can involve water damage from rain, snow, or hail, as well as damage from wind-borne dust and debris and fog condensation. Outdoor cameras with specialized housing protect the camera’s delicate electrical circuitry. Outdoor cameras come in a variety of types, so you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to constructing your outdoor system. Bullet cameras, such as the Optica B204 IP camera, dome cameras, such as the Optica DV204M IP camera, and even PTZ cameras, such as the Optica P218Z PTZ IP camera, fall under this category. Shop our variety of outdoor surveillance cameras or get in touch with us to create a custom outdoor surveillance system.

Camera Form Factors

It may sound difficult, but the form factor of a camera simply refers to the body type of the camera. These can range from dome cameras to PTZ and bullet cameras and understanding the various varieties will aid you in choosing the right camera for your surveillance needs. You can narrow down your search by looking for cameras that fit into one of several categories. Do you want a camera for indoors or outdoors? Is it necessary for it to be vandal-proof? How about a covert operation? Or do you require a PTZ camera to monitor a vast area? These questions will help you focus on a camera that is specifically tailored for your video demands and environment as you shop.

Vandal Proof Camera

When purchasing a new or updated video surveillance system, think about whether vandal-proof (also known as “vandal resistant”) security cameras will be beneficial to your setup. offers a wide selection of vandal-resistant security cameras with extra-heavy-duty enclosures to withstand physical abuse such as strikes from objects. If your surveillance system is vulnerable to vandalism or other forms of harm, you should consider investing in a vandal-proof system. If you haven’t already purchased a vandal-proof system, here are three preventative precautions you can take: Examine the cabling: Make sure the camera’s cord is hidden and out of reach of anyone strolling near or immediately in its path. To prevent someone from tampering with the wiring, it should be hidden behind a wall or ceiling. Mounting: To make the camera less vulnerable to an attack, it should be flush mounted into a ceiling or wall if at all possible. Because of this type of setup, the camera isn’t completely exposed. As a result, someone looking to break or deconstruct it will find it less appealing. Someone can attack the camera more easily using a hanging or pendant mount. Surveillance cameras should be mounted on surfaces that are out of reach of the average person. When installing your system, keep high ceilings and walls in mind.

You have many avenues to explore when it comes to security devices for your small business. Take the time to talk to your professional installer at Sentry Surveillance to ensure that you are getting what is best for your company and yourself.

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