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There is no shortage of reasons for businesses in commercial industries to have surveillance systems installed. Some of the more obvious reasons include the protection of staff, property, and assets, as well as being able to provide evidence during legal proceedings. The less obvious reasons for having a surveillance system installed include monitoring employee performance and identifying areas of improvement for future employee training and better business efficiency.

Whatever the reason for having a surveillance system installed, one of the important aspects of surveillance installation is having it done professionally to ensure all security needs are met. This entails assessing those needs and carefully selecting and integrating every surveillance system component that will guarantee successful operation and minimize security risks.

One of the perks of having a surveillance system professionally installed is that it guarantees continuous monitoring of building activity and prevents malfunctioning due to poor installation. Professional installers can even help business owners choose the right camera system that will accurately meet their security needs, including the right type of video storage. Regardless if a business owner chooses to go with an analogue or IP camera system, or decide to install a digital video recorder (DVR) or a network video recorder (NVR), a professional installer will insure that everything is setup correctly and will even continue to service the business afterwards. In many cases, routine maintenances will be provided free of charge.

With a professionally installed surveillance system, business owners and managers will be able to track their employees’ work progress and ensure all safety protocols are being followed. They’ll also be able to keep an eye on any employees who are not performing work-related tasks or are participating in illegal activities on company property. This is also one way a professionally installed surveillance system can protect commercial businesses from liabilities.

When it comes to criminal activity, a professionally installed surveillance system will similarly be highly efficient at detecting and preventing crimes. In the event that a crime does take place, surveillance footage will serve as valuable evidence during legal proceedings. The footage can either be used to prove or disprove claims depending on how the company was involved in a crime. A professionally installed surveillance system will also help security guards be more efficient at their jobs by being able to view multiple areas of a building at once.

As part of the package of professional installation, business owners are often provided with video management software (VMS) and video monitoring services. Video management software is what’s used to capture and store surveillance camera footage and there isn’t a shortage of companies that provide it. Some of the top VMS providers include Avigilon, Exacquivision, Genetec, OnSSI, Milestone Systems, NICE Systems, and Verint Systems. In addition to storing recorded video footage that business owners and managers can review at any time, VMS software also provides real-time video footage.

For businesses looking to cut costs on hiring onsite personnel, video monitoring services are also provided to work alongside a company’s information technology (IT) team. Video monitoring service teams are comprised of commercial security specialists who monitor surveillance footage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 365 days of the year to provide maximum protection to a business. These highly-trained specialists also use analytical software to be notified of any incidents taking place on company property and use their own judgment to assess the gravity of the situation. If an incident is not likely to cause any harm to a company, no action is likely to be taken. If any illegal or dangerous activity is captured, the appropriate authorities will be contacted.

Sentry Surveillance Inc sells and installs custom-design surveillance systems to a wide variety of clients in commercial industries. Sentry Surveillance Inc services restaurants, schools, daycares, healthcare facilities, industrial manufacturers, logistics and trucking, and many more. To learn more about how Sentry Surveillance Inc can help install a surveillance system that will meet your business security needs, contact us today for a consultation.

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